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Ok Tedy Brewski just got added to the lineup FREE Halloween Show



Ok Tedy Brewski just got added to the lineup FREE Halloween Show


tedy-  buy a hit vol 1
these are some beats i made for rappers and singers and stuff but theyre also chill to just listen to. if u want to use one just contact me at hashclub860@gmail.com

tedy brewski let go produced by keenanza

i was also working on a new mixtape but i said fuck it for now cuz it doesnt make sense but this song has been getting sum love. it features me on the hook where i sound like future. i had made a bunch of songs like this after i listened to too much gucci mane and young thug. while its kinda cliche like the money is bitch song i still bring a certain point of view to that type of music that may be lost on an average listener. also keenanza is a dope ass producer and his beats are stellar. cool story bro

lost in the wave, vol 1 includes various tracks im involved with that i couldnt release normally but it comes with the exxxotic strains free download. it features sum of my favorite artists with production by me and sum other good songs i wrote. lost in the wave stands for a few things such as being an alcoholic in an ocean full of booze aswell as being a rare artist lost in a sea of songs on the internet. cool story bro

download that here http://www.mediafire.com/download/4eyxysxbujzicu6/Exxxotic+Strains+%5BDirector%27s+Cut%5D.zip


"Forest Temple" by Addwolf feat. Tedy Brewski & Supa Sortahuman prod. by Contact Lens

Every year, around this time, I start up a new file in The Legend of Zelda Ocarina to get myself in the mindset of fall. Something about the Kokiri Forest just gets me in the mood for apple cider, hoodies, and colorful autumn leaves. It seems that Addwolf and friends share a similar sentiment, as their latest track, “Forest Temple”, is named after a dungeon from the game. The track takes that same feeling and translates it into my favorite genre of music, with the help of Supa, Tedy Brewski, and Contact Lens. Thanks to this crew, my favorite season of the year is already off to an incredible start.

- Clever Tom

tedybrewski cloud 9 prod by shmx


exxxotic strains download package comes with deleted songs aswell as rare mixtape Lost in The Wave, Vol. 1 which features various artists